Saturday, April 23, 2016


One of the hazards to geocaching in Florida's back country is stumbling onto one of these critters relaxing in the afternoon sun.  This chubby rascal was seen on a tour of the Stick Marsh in our Indian River County about 15 miles northwest of Vero Beach.

There is an evident truism here that opines, "If you see a body of (fresh) water here there is an alligator in it."  They are not fond of salt water.  There, a whole battalion of shark varieties can keep your curiosity challenged.

After the marsh tour concluded we meandered into Squid Lips Restaurant in Sebastian for a mid-day meal followed by feeding the local flotilla of catfish (residents under this dock behind the restaurant in the inter-coastal waterway); activity which, naturally, attracted near by seagulls.  The teenage grand daughter, right, was more interested in her cellphone--naturally.

   ...which leaves us with this highly unusual geocaching experience.  That's a pair of $5 bills folded and stuck under a vine on a live oak tree near a geocache we found hidden about four feet to the left of this scene.  Your guess is as good as mine regarding what this is all about.  Didn't belong to me so I chose to leave the money as found in case the next person needs it more than me.

And so it goes....

Monday, April 4, 2016


Nautical But Nice


Stuart, FL

This is a very nice gift shop featuring all manner of nautical things anchoring (pun intended) the very popular B&A Flea Market in Stuart, FL.  The top sign on the face of the check-out counter says;  Warning  You are entering a Red Neck Area   You may encounter  American Flags  Armed Citizens  The Lord's Prayer and Country Music

Fogeyisms tips our hat to owners Mel and Susie for making their support of the US Constitution and its 2nd Amendment, in particular, quite obvious.

I've never been in this shop--a must stop on every visit to the flea market--when it was not bustling with enthusiastic and well behaved customers.  < Smile >