Sunday, December 4, 2016

From today's headlines

"Madonna Bashes Donald Trump at Miami Show:  I'm Ashamed to be an American"

Guess what lady, I'm also ashamed you are an American!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

All in this morning's news...

The Levi-Straus Co., it is reported today, requested customers no longer bring their constitutionally protected and legally authorized concealed handguns into their stores.

This, evidently, is in response to an incident in a Commerce, GA store where some hapless twit accidently shot himself causing non-life threatening injuries with a legally carried gun and, evidently, ignoring the millions of other times legally armed customers have visited their stores without incident.

The company's witless chief executive officer went on to state:  "...he knows some individuals will react to the request to disarm by boycotting Levi Strauss, but he 'concluded that most boycott threats around this topic ultimately blow over.' "

Actually, I had learned, long ago, of this company's disrespect for our Constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment and haven't bought a pair of their denims in the past 15 or 20 years in their stores or in any other store, for that matter.

I just counted 14 pairs of denim pants in my home closet, including the pair I am wearing, and there is not a Levi brand in the bunch.  Add about a half dozen more pairs of denims in permanent residence in our FL camper and you have 20 sales lost to this outfit at this time with one person alone, which ignores, of course pairs bought and worn out in the meantime.

Let me help you with a little math Mr. executive in chief.  There are an estimated 12.8 million concealed carry licenses now issued in the US, not counting the folks legally carrying in about a dozen states where no license is necessary.

But, considering those 12.8 million potential customers alone; if each of them has just 1/2 the quantity of denims I own and assuming an average retail price of $35 per pair of your denims (12.8 x 10 pairs x $35 each)  and you have a potential loss in sales value of some $4,500,000,000.

In the interest of making a conservative estimate lets halve that number again to $2,250,000,000.

Like the ageless politician Everett Dirksen once said, paraphrasing, "Pretty soon that adds up to a lot of money (say lost sales revenue in this case)."  If I counted my zeros correctly we are talking in the billions of dollars.

*          *          *

Speaking of stupidity or insanity or whatever, today's news also tells us democrats in the US House of Representatives have re-elected what's her name to the speaker's position.

Here we are with the recent election having demolished democrat candidates from the courthouse to the state house to the White House and their minions in the Congress vote to retain a noisy slice of the same losing leadership.

Remember the old saying that dealt with repeating the same mistake and expecting a different result.

You can see me rolling my eyes, can't you?

*          *          *

And finally there was this news headline:

"California to begin controlling cow farts."

I'll leave you to ponder that one.

Monday, November 14, 2016


The main squawk of this current rioting crowd seems to surround Clinton winning the popular vote but not likely winning the Electoral College process.

1)  The election appears to have been conducted (mostly) under the rules of our country and simply not liking the outcome is not a valid reason to try to forcibly change that result.

Changing the declared result, however, is likely very much favored by the Clinton regime, if not actually being encouraged by that crowd.  Playing by the rules of law or civilized society is not something they seem to favor.

2)  The "winning" margin of Clinton's popular vote total appears to be entirely within her winning margin in California alone.  Which means, the "winning" candidate in this or any future national election could be determined by the liberal enclaves mostly located in the dense population areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

This particular election is clear evidence of why the Electoral College process is part of our legal system.

Remember also our country is being swamped, daily, by immigrants crossing our southern border completely outside the rule of our immigration laws.  This has been going on, in fact encouraged, during the entire term of the Obama regime occuping our presidency.

You don't suppose that open-border tactic was intended to increase illegal votes for democrat candidates, do you?

Why, of course not! 😉

Finally, rioting is a violation of law in most jurisdictions.  I'm wondering what would happen if these current culprits were examined by law enforcement for their status as US citizens and were sent home if they have no legal right to be in this country.

We might quickly cease to appear like the bananna republic they evidently intend to create.

(Note, this column is talking about rioters, not the law abiding folks who chose, in their good conscience to support the Clinton candidacy--no matter how flawed their logic.)

May God bless America, and may America bless God!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

MACKENNA CURTIS-COLLINS coasting to a dream finish in the regional cross country championship race in Tiffin, OH Saturday, October 29th.

Last week she was wearing a boot to help heal a stress fracture in her tibia.

She got her doctor's approval to attempt this race with the admonishment to stop immediately at the sign of any pain.

She ran three warm up outings on her home course earlier in the week and did a 5 minute warm-up at the regional event...

...then went out and smashed the field of over 90 other racers with a winning margin of 11 seconds leading her team to a first place finish in the regional and a place in the state championship next weekend.

Can you see this proud, adopted grand-pa's smile?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little Fern House
in my woods

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Vero Beach, FL

It appears the Vero Beach area dodged a bullet, so to speak.  Hurricane Matthew passed near-by, off-shore as a category III storm and the only reported damage is relatively minor; downed trees and power lines and some beach erosion.

One fellow was reported to say he expected " find nothing left when he returned to his local mobile home park."  Instead the only evidence of the storm there was downed branches and some car-ports and awnings destroyed.

Our mobile home/RV park remains evacuated.  Stay tuned!