Friday, April 21, 2017

A Very Belated

Sue and I attended sunrise church service Easter morning at the ocean in Vero Beach, FL and I did some nice pictures of the service but was unable to get my DSLR camera to play nicely with the laptop so I could not process my photos and publish a blog story.

Since the laptop is achieving geriatric status itself I simply planned to wait until I got home and turn this challenge over to my computer-shop friends at KOSI in Mansfield--thinking the likely solution could be a new laptop.

But, just today I wondered if the problem might be in the card reader since I had shifted to Windows 10 awhile back and might not have "driver" software that could make the card reader and laptop friendly playmates.

Turned out my also aging cardreader was obsolete.  I promptly bought a new one, and was able to salvage my pictures.

Here's a photo of us celebrating Easter dinner on our patio that day with a family of our friends from Syracuse, NY.  That's Sue on the far left, then L to R;  Eva Tordson, Wendy Smart, Dee Weeks and hubby Dick and Brad Smart.  Eva, Wendy and Brad are brothers and sisters.

Not only was the occasion part our continuing celebration of Easter but it gave Sue an opportunity to prove her capability in the camper's kitchen, a skill, heretofore, mostly suspect with our good friends.

Jokingly, of course.

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